So Mexico, when do we get our reperations check?

For every crime, hospital bill, and tax dollar we have spent to take care of your unpatriotic, run from your problems citizens.


Do our elderly suffer when they struggle with healthcare costs while the illegals get them free?

Update 2:

Will our country suffer if it is in dire need and these people run from this country as well?

Update 3:

They have proven they are unpatriotic as they have already abandoned their country rather than staying to fix it. They would do the same to us. Far as I am concerned they are all traitors and should be punished as such.

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    We will not get one. But we need to decide who we owe all our programs to. I don't think illegal immigrants should have a right to anything other than a ride out of the country.

    The wages i have heard have been more than minimum wage. And they would have to be way under minimum wage to make up for the fact that they get our free programs AND don't pay taxes. They should pay double the tax AND Not get any free programs. Why should illegals get the benefit of citizenship without the responsibilities and allegiances. I was so infuriated that someone was allowed to walk down our streets carrying a foreign flag and demanding as rights privileges that do not properly belong to them. If they want to come here they should pledge allegiance to this country. If they are pledged to a different country, let them go there.

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    I think we all know that won't happen. on our news here tonight, they told of a MAJOR hospital in our area that would probably have to shut the doors because of the financial problems they were having..over half of their patients they treated were uninsured and couldn't pay. I sit here wondering how many of those were illegal immigrants..This hospital treats millions of people a year in one of the biggest cities there are..also one of the biggest cities for illegal immigrants. It's sad that American hospitals are shutting down because illegal immigrants are "using" the funding that could be used for Americans that are legal and work their Azzes off and can't afford insurance..but if a poor American has to have surgery..and it's a million dollar, they will take their house or car or anything else they want to get their money..Pathetic

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    The answer to that will be NEVER!

    Although Dallas County is going to bill Mexico for the costs of the Mexican nationals that received treatment there. I highly doubt they will receive any money, Mexico pretty much laughed them off. Here's an excerpt.

    "Commissioners in Dallas County, Texas, plan to ask the Mexican government to pay for the medical care given to Mexican nationals at a local hospital.

    Each year, Dallas County taxpayers spend $15 million to treat Mexican nationals at Parkland Hospital – and that total includes only the first two days of the patients' emergency care, according to CBS 11 News in Dallas.

    "We will be sending a bill to Mexico's president to explain to him and to the embassy how much money it is costing the Dallas County taxpayer to treat their residents, and they need to reimburse Dallas County," said County Judge Margaret Keliher. "

    I think Dallas county has the right idea, I think all hospitals should do a tally for all the illegals that received health care and bill the country's from which they came. Same with schooling too.

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    I think any employer who is found to have illegals working for them needs to start paying for those bills. They need to be slapped with such stiff fines that they will never again want to hire and illegal or they can take that company to Mexico. It's time for total crack down. If these employers didn't hire them then they would have no reason to come.

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  • Yakuza
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    1 decade ago

    You know I honestly don't think they know the harm that is being done to this nation by their illegal acts They believe the BS that the pros feed them and dismiss any facts as not true.I really don't understand this mentality that they have.Its as if they really think they have a right to take ant thing they want from this country .They don't know that every action has a reaction.The money doesn't grow on trees.We legal Americans work hard to make our livings and pay our bills.We pay our taxes and take care of our parents.We need all of our money .We cant afford to take care of 10 to 12 million open hands and mouths.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    in all likelihood an identical place my reparations verify is. because of the fact the USA desires to pay reparations to black human beings for crimes committed against their ancestors, they are in a position to make some exams out to Mexicans too. collectively as your at it, why do no longer you're making exams out to Vietnam, Somalia, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, and the different usa the USA has invaded, raped of its materials, slaughtered the natives, set up puppet governments, knocked them pass into opposite, subsidized terrorists, killed the terrorists while they grew to become on them, etc. advert naseum. to boot as any expenses incurred to make the Mexicans that rather want a existence right here voters. nicely suited? No you moron, that may no longer nicely suited. that could desire to propose that each and each citizen of the USA could incur a invoice payable by their motherland because of the fact they had to come returned right here and be voters. As a rustic created and based by unlawful immigrants the USA has little room to be pissed. except those huge undesirable Mexicans come storming in slaughtering US voters and take over the country that way. isn't that what the U. S. did to the Indians. that could desire to be a setting up retribution. yet rather young babies, this could by no skill take place. The downfall of the U. S. stands out as the stupid azz elementary American who can only parrot what he hears on the six o'clock information and regurgitate it as reality. collectively as something of the international is going by, human beings would be caught up in attempting to be the main modern-day edition of "cool", blindly following their political events rhetoric, and questioning why no person likes the "present day-day locusts" anymore.

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    i look at it this way GET THE HELL OUT we do not want all these people from mexico here we do not need you at all. so take your kids and go swim back to were you can from

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As soon as you pay for the contributions that they have made to this great nation.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I guess you could say its a wash.....While you complain about crime, hospital bills and tax dollars, all those illegals working under the table for slave wages, have managed to keep prices down, which you benefit from, along with lower inflation.....

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    we're the one's that allowed them in for their cheap labor

    we're the one's that hafta pay

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