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High School - Can you get busted for beating up a kid outside school?

Also assuming it's not on school grounds or within any school property. I don't want to beat up anyone, just curious.

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    Assualt is assualt. No matter where it is done.

    If both parties involved are minors, then chances are it will be dealt with in Juvenile Court.

    If one party is a minor and one is an adult. It will be dealt with in Municipal Court (and child abuse charges are very possible).

    If both parties are adults then once again, Municipal Court.

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    Yes you can get busted. Authorities are smarter than you think, and there's always word of mouth that travels around the community really quick.

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    The school can bust you anywhere within the school and surrounding areas.

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    You can go to jail for that, my friends brother got beat up and the jury said guilty on charge of assault and attempted murder for that guy.

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    Yea you can if he is on the way to school or coming home from school. I'm sure they can't do anything outside of those two areas.

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    Yes, the Police can bust you pretty much anywhere.

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    Yes, sorry if you get a police charge and conviction they can come back on you at your school!!!

    Source(s): personal experience!!
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    i dont think so unless a parent comes in and complains about harassment toward the kid.

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    if it was on school property then the school can nail ya and if it wasn't on school property then the cops can nail ya

    Source(s): personal experience
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    if the kid tells the school about it they might do something

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