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Ever wonder why Christians are persecuted and treated disrespectfully?

Maybe this is a reason?

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I love the convulsions.


Common Sense - yet you faithfully answer The What Should I Do Retards questions. I admire your principles.

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    I do wonder about Benny Henn, he knows the Bible inside out, but I won't judge him. I still believe in God with all my heart, and always will. Don't judge other Christians by his actions, there are good ones out there. Also don't judge God by sinful humans.

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    I am a Christian and I believe Benny Hinn is a fake. Always have! There are some really good pastors out there like Chuck Swindoll, Charles Stanley, Adrian Rogers,& D. James Kennedy.

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    the project isn't adequate authentic Christians are out spoken, as in different faiths there are those that provide the entire crew a nasty recognition and regrettably those are those maximum recognized. i believe that the well-known ideas are as authentic for Christianity as they're for all faiths, love, wish, reality, peace. I stay by as a Christian we are noted as to be contained in the international sharing, enticing, yet no longer of the international condemning, hating... Cin, you're on target.

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    Sure its as simple "misery loves company" they the non-Christians are miserable that the clock is ticking on their life, and, they have no hope of an afterlife. They want us to become miserable and join their "miserable" company.


    They can't seem to stand us being assured of an afterlife.

    I don't think it is jealousy, they truly feel we are wrong. - go figure

    (of course, the Buddhist don't persecute us, most of them do not deny God or Jesus, they have simply chosen a different path to Heaven (Nirvana). They have chosen pure harmony.)

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    Let the bodies hit the floor! What gets me is how much money Hinn and others like him make out of this.

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    He may be a Christian but I doubt he is a saint.

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    Yes I wonder. Why don't you tell me instead of referring me to some other page? No thank you. xx

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    I blame the ninjas for everything.

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    Sorry--don't ever follow those links in Q's. Nice try. Thanks for the two points though.


    Be Blessed.

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