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rabbit eats poop?

so i let my rabbit run around, and it pooped like 3 droppings. but it ate them! is that alright? it seems fine.

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    This behavior is absolutely normal. Rabbits have two types of fecal matter. One is body waste like what every animal produces, and the other is full of vitamins. Your rabbit has to eat these vitamin pellets for the sake of his good health.


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    Normally rabbits eat only one kind of poop, the special green grapelike clusters mentioned above, and they don't wait for those to fall on the ground. I've never had a house rabbit, so I don't know if eating dry turds is normal behavior or not. Are you feeding your rabbit unlimited hay? It might be hungry, or need more fiber, both of which hay will fix. The dry droppings are very high in undigested fiber, and rabbits need a ton of fiber for their digestion.

    I'm not saying this is definitely a problem, but if it keeps eating its droppings, it might need a diet adjustment.

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    It's totally fine. Rabbits normally do that, it's just that most people don't see that happening because they usually do that at night.

    As long as your rabbit doesn't start feeling bony over the back or doesn't start chewing fur off of its body the nutrition it is getting should be alright.

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    Yes completly normal they have goodness in there poop my guinea pigs and rabbit do the same thing.

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    Rabbits will normally consume their own feces to extract further nutrition from them. It's perfectly normal. Usually they consume them late at night and the feces are different in appearance than normal (they look like a cluster of grapes--these are called cecal pellets).

    Source(s): HSPPR Volunteer Rabbit Rescue/Foster for 10+ years
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