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Insight on Space Mountain!!PLEASE!!!!!?

my friend and i are going to go to disneyland on saturday and i really want her to go on space moutain with me.I live in california and when my house sells i am going to move to costa rica and i really want to make the best of the time i have. i really need your help PLEASE help me to convice her that its not that scary and she NEEDS to go with me!!!

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    Plan A: Just try to tell her it's not that scary and it's just a harmless kiddie roller coaster.

    Plan B: If that doesn't work, find a little kid who is going on it/already went on it and tell her "If that kid can do it, so can you."

    I am almost positive that this will work because I got my friend who is a total chicken to go on it and when we got off, she thougtht it was fun and wanted to go again!

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    Lead her to the ride blindfolded, then force her on before she has time to escape! Just kidding.

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    Tell her my 3 (yes 3 years old not a typo) year old boy has ridden it and LOVES it!!

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    well you only live once and trust me space mountian isn't that bad of a roller coaster... she will have fun if she just try's it.

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    i went on it and i eas scared but every body is diferebt so dont try to force her ny friend did that and now we are not friends now so dont force her

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