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what year do you think this world will end and how will it end?

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    probably in about 500 years or so. how? competition. we'll all be struggling for survival. we'll kill each other. in other words, we'll all act like animals

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    i don't think we will destroy the world as people but will come to the verge of it like in the cold war where there was a massive stock pile of nuclear weapons and when it became too many everyone was like "yeah, this in getting out of hand". the comet that is coming towards earth will be our end and earth's rebirth. our death will let the earth "cleanse" itself with an ice age and then mix things up again, maybe insects will be ready for that round.

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    The world will end in 2020. Evil muslims will bring back to life all the evil dinosaurs and Wesley Snipes and set them against all non-muslims and so the dinosaurs will eat us and Bin Laden will be crowned king of America.

    Source(s): Nostradamus.
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    about 8001 by a black hole consuming the whole solar system including the earth or this world will not be destroyed or will never end since it is created for humans to live in

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  • bev
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    once water can be turned in to poison it will be sold to the highest bidder-4/5Th's the world is covered in water, when the system is in the hands of fools the games is out of control=when will this happen at a date, that fanatics choose

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    The date of the death of this planet will have nomeaning to us. Just as 2100 will have no meaning to a person born 3,000 years ago.

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    We will be done in by something that we cannot see like a virus or something. But you need not worry as I predict that this bug will hit in the fall of 2102.

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    probly abot 6 yrs and i think it will end thought aids or a comet or sumthing

    Source(s): bible
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