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How do I link a Sony PSP to my computer?

I have a USB plug and obviously my PSP. Is there any software or programs that I can download to be able to load mp3s, video files, and pictures onto it?


Oh, and what about games that can be added. Thanks.

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    Ok go to the left all the way and at the settings menu and scroll all the way to the top where it says USB Connection. Click on that then it should pop-up on the your computer. And there

    Ok, yea there is a program that is required for that to convert the

    games and movie to your PSP. now games arent free unless you do some research. I tyred it on my psp and yeah i never did it right. Its easy when you do some research and find out how.

    Here ill supply you with a program that does that. Free but as for games i dont think its a program

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    first plug your psp to your computer and then go to usb connection in the settings on your psp. then on your computer go to my computer and select the externel device or something then open it. open the psp folder and create a folder that say's music then you can put music in it, then create a folder thats say's video and so on.Hope this helps you.

    Source(s): i have a psp and studied how to do this.
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