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How do I excell in school despite the pressures of having to be socially accepted?

I'm passed my high school and now entering college, so I want this place to be for all the kids out there who are dragged down by their peers and made to feel socially inferior. Let's give these kids some good advice.

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    Stop trying to be socially accepted. The focus of school is to get an education, and true to make friends, but I think there is too much emphasis on trying to impress the rich and popular who normally have the most dysfunctional families out of any of the people at school because they hardly see their parents and money is always thrown at them when what they need is love and direction.

    Focus on your own qualities and do the best you can in school.

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    Are you in college for the social experience or for the education?

    If your there for the social stuff then good luck!!!

    If for the education then study and learn and don't worry about the extracurricular activities

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    first..try asking help from know..I beleive that we are all equall and with equal human rights..I've been into this stage like yours before..and there were times that i feel like not coming out of the house..but..someday you will have to realize that if you get closer to God..he will tell you tthat you are more important and loved by him than those children with beautiful faces but with rotten attitudes..dude you know..cheer up! you don't live in this world to please evrybody..pleasing everybody would be the greates failure of your life..

    live your life the way you want not listen to their comments or whatever..its you..not have to show tne world that you are equal of are prescious..God created you to be prescious and those people dont have a right to set standards for you..

    take care..hope you'll feel better soon!

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    There are way more important issues to raise a banner over.

    Most kids can figure it out for themselves. Didn't you?

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    Well if you are a crossdresser be honest about it and your friends will accept you for who you are.

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