I hear alot of problems with 2.5 Engines. Is it possible to take the 2.5 and swap it to with a 2.2? Good idea?

This is a Subaru question!!! I hear the Subaru 2.2 engines to be more reliable. I dont hear alot of stories about the 2.2 engines cracking as the 2.5's do.

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    What year and model is your Subaru? It may still be covered under warranty. The 2.5 engines don't crack. some of the engines between 2000-2004 model year had severe piston slap due to the pistons being slightly smaller the recommended size. Because of this the piston walls on some of these cars would show scoring and the blocks would be replaced. Otherwise they just needed new pistons. usually #2 & 4. It is not all 2.5 engines that had this problem. If the engines sounds like a diesel after it has been running for more that 30 minutes, you may have piston slap. Check with Subaru. Yes the 2.2 engines are great but the 2.5's are just as good.

    Source(s): I used to be a service adviser for Subaru dealers before my accident.
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    Like previously stated the 99-04 2.5L has had piston and headgasket problem.I have done many pistons and headgaskets and none severe enough to warrant replacing.Nor have I ever seen a Subaru engine crack for any reason other than abuse or lack of oil/oil changes.

    So a 2.2 engine swap is not necessary,or cost beneficial.Many of the components are the same in the 2.2 and 2.5 so just a swap of the block is probably possible.No need for new ecm,wiring etc.Why not wait till you think you need to repair your engine and then do the swap.If it is under warranty,you will void it with a swap,just get it fixed for now.

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    It's all relative--the 2.5 engines look unreliable because the 2.2 engines are simply bulletproof. The 2.5 is still a reliable engine, though. Head gaskets were really only a problem with pre-2000 engines and piston slap has occurred in a very small fraction of engines. It would not be hard to make a swap, but I don't think you'll have to make one.

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    that's a good idea.after that,you must customize it.put big turbo. like a big house,the ECU,suspension,rims,tyres,and many more.

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