Life out there somewhere?

SO.......the age old question. Is there life out there somewhere. I think anyone who has any level of respect for science knows that somewhere life other than life on Earth does exist.

My question is how do you think it will take to come in contact with intelligent life? What sort of Intelligent life do you believe is out there. Finally do they know about us?

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    There is much life "out there" and some of it has visited your planet. Over the centuries, your planet was a curious place to visit once or twice and was not considered very interesting . Sure, your wars showed us how undeveloped you are as a species. Your infantile,(in cosmic terms) dependence on god concepts does not bode well for you and neither does your penchant to breed beyond your planet's ability to sustain you. We are now showing an interest in you because it is not often that we get to observe a species commit suicide. You are so close to maturing as a sentient species and it will be a shame to see you kill yourselves. There are just not enough of you becoming rational enough to force the issue. You let the least among you determine your fate, so be it.

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    There is most definitely life out there somewhere, whether it's intelligent or not who knows. Probability says yes. We live in an extremely lucky planet, not to close to the sun and not too far. A moon to protect us from meteors and cause waves which caused the formation of life in the primodial sea to occur. And we have Jupiter in our solar system, that's significant due to its size and gravitational field helps protect our planet as well from collisions of space debris even though its many AU away from us. But that said, there are billions of billions of billions of suns out there some with planets some without. So life is definitely possible. Contact will most likely come from receiving radio signals from the civilization or they will receive signals from us. But even though that is the case, it still takes a long time for those signals to travel across the galaxy, a planet 60light years away would take the signal 60yrs to arrive at earth. And 60light years is only to the closest stars.

    It will happen one day, but who knows when, but it's just a matter of time.

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    This is way out there but what if there is life inside our very own solar system, i used to collect those old 10 cent science fiction books that they used to sell in the corner stores, and i would read about moon aliens and strange creatures from the asteroid belt and such things, then as i got older i would hear stories on television about the moons of Titan and Europa and i would pay attention and think back to the old 10 cent books i read as a kid and started to think what if there is life on a moon or a comet heck even on Mars maybe. So i think the chances of finding life in our very own solar system darn good, besides we haven't even really been out there long enough to say for sure.

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    Well you have to take into account that the universe is HUGE. We may never come into contact with intelligent life. Say that there is a planet 20,000 light years away from us. And they did have the technology to go at the speed of light. It would take them 20,000 years to get here, and they would only bother with that if they knew that there was life here. They would get that off our transmissions. We have only been transmitting broadcasts into space for about 70-80 years or so. So I would guess in another 40,000 years they might be here.

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    Yes, there is life out there. But, I believe we are always being visitied. They come and go undetected. They use the Bermuda Triangle as a transporter grid.(this is why so many people dissapear from that area, because they get stuck in a vortex). It allows them to fold time and space to travel light years in seconds. Soon, in a few years, I'm sure aliens won't be a mystery anymore.

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    these species of living creatures have the same biological and physical characteristics like us humans only that they call themselves in another term and not humans nor animals( this is my theory about life outside our galaxy)

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