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How much would a laptop sell for?

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 600m in VERY good condition, I have only had it since May 2005. There are hardly any scraps on it at all, the only ones are on the option blue cover that I bought extra. Its got 512MB ram or whatnight, and 60GB ram or whatever lol...

I only want to sell it because I have decided that I would really like an Apple, not because there is anything wrong with it.

How much do you think I could get out of it, and where would be a good place to look to sell it?

btw, I bought it with 4 year insurance and paid around $1700 or so new.

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    You can try ebay but its a very high fraud catagory. They generally don't sell for much.. esp Dells.

    checking out closing bids probably anywhere from 350-600 tops.

    and make sure your warranty will transfer before sale.

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    Because technology is always improving the cost of resale goes down. I would say $800 max on eBay (if you have a good feedback score) or $600 on Craig's List/Independently.

    Good luck

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    700-800$ max

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    sell it ebay for the biggest amount


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    honestly probably about half as much as you paid for it.

    maybe try e-bay.

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