teacher crush?

one of my teachers is nice and funny but i think i got a crush on him and i dont want him to go to jail but its obvious i like him and now i dont know what to do because lots of girls like him and i tell them to back off cause theyll get in trouble and hes still probally cluless about the other girls and i dont know what to do

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    Your teacher is an adult. I am sure he is aware of it. You would be wise to use some self-discipline.

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    Crushes are hard! When you spend time every day together and only get to see one side of the person -- their nice side -- then it's easy to develop a picture that they are always that way. However, if you like him, then you won't do anything that will get him in trouble. Your fantasy life is one thing, but acting on it is an entirely different (and illegal-for-him) situation.

    Most teachers are good people who want to protect kids. Even though I'm sure he notices who is attractive among his students (unless he's blind!!), he 99.9% of the time would never, ever act on it. Don't tempt him into that .1% category!!

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    I agree with Wondering's first two sentences.


    I think it's terrible how far we've gone down the wrong path. "...one teacher allowed a girl to fall from the flying rings because he did not dare catch [touch] her." -Dr Bill Glaser

    We're all just people. And all these laws are tearing us apart from one another. Respect and care for all people. Treat them with dignity and integrity. "Let that be the whole of the law." - not "Do ast thou wilt."

    Source(s): "When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities." - Matt Groening
  • DONT DO IT. (in bold) I dont believe, personally, that its wrong but if you care about him you wont just saying good luck gurl.

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    just keep it quiet when you have your affair

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