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im in 10 grade and i like this girl and everything and i want to get her to be more interested in me...and i asked her if she wanted to do anything like go to the mall or go see a movie

and other people who answered my other questions say i should still try to get her to like me and others say i should get over her or my friends and others say i should move on to a different girl

so my question is is i was thinking of saying to her "i was wondering if you still want to go this weekend" then say "i understand if you dont want to go with just me, you can be honest with me"......i was wondering if thats smart to say...

and if its not can someone please tell me something good to say

thank you


i asked this girl to the mall or go c a movie and she said she doesnt know if she can

so i was wondering if i say "do u still wanna go this weekend" is a good idea or does she even want to go cause she said she cant do something with me and my friends before

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    not usually. Even young women like confidence, and blurting out immediately after you ask her to accompany you that you'll understand if she doesn't want to go with someone like you isn't the best indicator that you have a lot.

    Women are like everybody else. They like to be respected, appreciated and intrigued. The last part is the hard part.

    Think about changing what you're going to ask her to do more than how to say it, and what SHE might find an interesting diversion. Pay attention and learn as much as you can about her before you ask her out, and see if you can figure out what appeals to her, before you just up and ask her the same question every other kid does. Maybe she likes art. Maybe she'd like to learn about it. Maybe she's into gardening and would rather go shopping for potted herbs. It means a lot to a female - any female - that you took the time to try and figure these sorts of things out.

    Not saying that it has to be those things, of course, but I hope you get the idea.

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    Don't give her a "rejection"option. If you approach her with a "Are you really still sure you wanna.." type of question, and she has any doubt whatsoever, then she'll just use your opening as an excuse to wriggle off the hook.

    Try this. Just ask her if picking her up at 6:00 would be okay. It presumes she wants to go, and gives her the confidence that you really want to go, and that you have a plan for the evening. If she wants to cancel, she has to comeout with it on her own, and rejection is hard, so even if she has doubts about you she'll more likely still give you at least the one date.

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    "I was wondering if you still want to go this weekend" - Don't say this just tell her what time you'll pick her up.

    "I understand if you dont want to go with just me you can be honest with me" - Don't say this either, because you sound like your feeling sorry for yourself, and trying to make her feel guilty.

    Girls love confident men, not weak uncertain'll be the one sitting in the movies by yourself if you keep this up....don't give her choices, just take control, and show the girl a good time!!!

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    Give it a try, just be casual about it like just mentioning hanging out this weekend. If she lets you down and says no, dont be crushed, you are young and have plenty of chances left!! Good luck!

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    yea im in 10th grade too..and any guy who smiles and walks up to me and put his arm around my shoulder and asks me to go to the mall with him can win me over in a might work for her too...try it if it doesnt work out then go for a different girl =]

    good luckkk

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    That sounds fine, but don't say the second part unless she seems doubtful...

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    For all the single ones out there looking for romance:

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    sounds fine to me

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