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how does one define sanity, and/or insanity?

I started thinking about this in lit. class because we were discussing Edgar Allan Poe and whether or not the "characters" were sane or insane. We drew out what we thought was sane. what we thought was insane, and what we thought was in the middle. It is a good really got me thinking. I would love to see what other people have to say about this topic.

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    Sane - Mother Theresa

    Insane - Jeffrey Dahmer

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    I have seen many 'sane' people break down behind closed doors. When you talk about it, alot of people at work, at school, and even church are on meds for moods, stress, panic, etc. Which also leads to physcial problems increasing in the population. So sanity being the norm? No, the norm is wearing a mask and breaking down at home. That is not sanity. Sanity is to find peace of mind. Insanity is when you are dying inside.

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    Sanity is defined by culture and beliefs, what I may think is a sane thing to do you may completely disagree and think its Insane. This is all defined on an individual person just like everything else, and most of the time when it is used as a proffessional term them it is just a so called "majority" of a decision, im one to believe in Anarchy and do not agree with proffessional stereotypes.

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    The definition of insanity is related to the culture and laws of the place and time where you live. For example, for the Ancient Greeks, to have have sex among men or with teens was usual. Today, it is a crime. To eat human meat was normal between cannibals. In medieval times some were burned because they thought different. Today, not having a cell phone or not using some types of clothes, may be considered insane. In short, sanity is conformity to the laws and customs of a determined place, time and culture.

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    First off, sanity is a legal term, and not a psychological term. You will not hear a psychologist call a client sane or insane. A person is insane if he or she is either unable to distinguish right form wrong, unable to appreciate the consequences of his or her actions, or if the action is a product of a mental disease or defect.

    Source(s): Abnormal Psychology: Current Perspectives. Ch. 18
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    Sanity and insanity are both relative. They depend wholly on what you are comparing them with. It is like big and small. You must big and small compared to what. Big compared to a paper clip; small compared to the Eiffel Tower.

    Similarly, for sanity, would you compare someone or something to Einstein or a dog chasing its tail? It is all relative.

    I personally define sanity as the state of being normal compared to common stereotypes, which, I agree isn't the best definition. Insanity falls wherever sanity ends.

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    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    We are all insane to some degree.

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    It depends, really...what actually constitutes as "insanity" I think it could really mean a lot of example.the greek root word.."mania" is "insanity". mania is found in "kleptomania", "pyromania", ect. Those words basically mean something along the lines of an "obsession" for something.

    haha..that probably doesn't help much.. but in english, we were talking about the main character in tell tale heart. I think I would say that is definately insanity ;)

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    Sanity is making rational decisions and being smart and logical... normal people are 'sane.'

    Insanity is being crazy and illogical/irrational all the time, distorted morals, low IQ (maybe)... the 'opposite' of sane.

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    sanity is keeping your actions as well as your thoughts in tact. On the other hand insanity is letting go of your ability to keep it together. Usually resulting in some kind of adverse condition.

    Source(s): jo jo seeker of knowledge
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    Insanity...Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

    Sanity...Learning that when something does not go right, change the way you approach it and thus you may possibly yield a different, productive, result.

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