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What is the best site for uploading & sharing photos as a slideshow? Works quick, has creative features, etc.?

I would like to have a place where I could post photos which fade in and out, (or some other flash method) which is interesting to the viewer. I need a fairly rapid upload rate, since I don't have much time for computer work, but have quite a few photos to load. Preferably I would like to be able to present my work in different albums or topics/subjects.

I know there are many out there, photobucket, flickr,, shutterfly...the list goes on and on, but I don't know the features or reputation of any of the providers.

Do you have any information you might share?

Thank you!

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    I use They have a very good variety of effects that you can use on your slideshow. They also give you a url for the slideshow and for each individual photograph that you have in your album(s).

    Very user friendly.

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    Iphoto is a great way of uploading photos. this application also creates a slideshow at the click of a button.

    I can't tell you the price of this as mine came on my mac book.

    But good luck with whatever you choose.

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    Pbase does this well and I have been a paying member (and bought membership for others) for about three years. It is rapid and can be password locked. You can arrange galleries easily. The cost is minimal. I think it is around $25 a year for over 300 megs.

    Check out my galleries there.

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    I use flickr because it has a slide show mode. Some people are reluctant to release the rights to their photos, but you can restrict people use of the images as their own.

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    If you are looking for a website that will allow you to display your photography I use Big Black Bag. I have been very happy with them.

    Easy to use.

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    Microsoft works sometimes has it when you buy your computer


    or, try to download it from the microsoft website

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    Yahoo! Photos.. its fast.. easy to organize.. and you can also add some effects and captions to it.. =)

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