Would a 75" mattress cover fit an 80" mattress?

I've been looking into buying a mattress cover for my dust mite allergies.

My Sears has them on sale, but my bed (a Twin XL) is 39"x80", and their covers are 39"x75" (Twin) and 60"x80" (Queen).

Would the 75" inch cover fit (a tight fit, obviously)? Or would the Queen better (or would that be too much extra)?



I forgot to mention, these are zippered covers.

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    Buy the queen sized mattress cover. Extra-long twin beds are the same length as queen sized beds. The mattress cover will be extra wide on the mattress, but the length will be perfect. Just tuck the excess "width" under the mattress and you'll be set.

    I grew up with an extra-long twin bed and had a difficult time finding anything that fit. I desperately wanted a "dust ruffle" but there were not any to be found in that size. I finally bought a queen sized ruffle and just folded it down the middle and did a slip stitch to keep it from slipping out from under the mattress. It worked like a charm... and I finally had a dust ruffle.

    Source(s): Very tall mom to 5. My parents knew I'd be tall, so they put me in an extra-long twin by the age of 8!!
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    If you buy from sears i would definitely go with the queen size. I have dust mite cover on my bed (its a twin- not xl) and i don't think it would fit on a twin xl. Here is a link to a site that has them available for XL- it may be more expensive than what you are looking at, at sears, but atleast it would be a perfect fit. Hope this helps.


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    This will be impossible if it's 39 and your bed is 60. You can probably fit the 75 on the 80, but after you spend hours racing to each corner to prevent it from slipping off the other end, watch out when you are done. When you lie down, all corners will attack you! lol

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