my eye is killing me, is there anything i can do to help get rid of a stye?

i called the eye doctor, he said it is a stye and that all i can to is wait.... is there a way to get it to pop sooner?

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    Do not squeeze it!!!!! Please, you can make it even more infected.... it's just a pimple under the skin.... put as hot as you can stand compresses on it, and eventually it will come to a head and burst..... I found that if you put water in a microwaveable bowl w/ a lid and nuke it you can dip your wash rag into the hot water(let it cool for a sec) and place it on the eye...put the lid on and your water will stay hot for quite a while... you can do this and watch a television show at the same time to pass the time by...

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    A stye (conjunctivitis) is caused by a bacteria. Whatever you do, do not "pop" it. Don't mess around with something around your eyes. It could develop into an infection that could compromise your eyesight. You will need antibiotic eye drops from a Dr. to get rid of this.

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    Place a wet hot towel (don't burn yourself) over your eyes, wait till it cools off a little then repeat a couple of times, do this a couple of times a day.

    Wash your eyes with baby shampoo a couple of times a day.

    If you have decreased vision, see an ophthalmologist.

    If it doesn't resolve in a couple of weeks your ophthalmologist may need to drain it surgically, (5 min procedure in the office)

    Just to clear the apparent confusion: the medical term for a "sty" is Hordeolum (acute inflammation of a sebaceous gland in the lid) which is different from a Chalazion (chronic granulomatous inflammation)

    and very VERY different from conjunctivitis (inflammation of the clear covering over the white of the eye and under the lids)

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    hello I had I stye on the eye lid and I used black castor oil and in one day it bring the stye to a head and I apply warm compress and the puss came out google black castor oil and get it it works

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    My Mom would wet a washcloth, put it in the microwave to get it warm. I could hold it on my eye. Sometimes after a day of this, it would pop on its on, sometimes it would soften enough I could pop it. What a relief.

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    Hot cloths and wash with baby shampoo.

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    Take a neel and open it up that is what i do.

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