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is this real or a scam??

i want to buy this but is this true?? if this is fake please tell me why???

click onto the link:

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    Complete Scam! You can increase the length of your muscles by stretching. There are hormones that you can get from a doctor that may help you grow, but you should not trust a medicine from an unreputable source. And the people pictured did not need this product to be tall.

  • Tigger
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    If a product claims to increase your hieght, it's a scam. There is a hormone treatment for children who are otherwise not growing right, but that is available only from a qualified doctor. Meanwhile, anyone trying to sell it on e-bay is scamming, and is probably even breaking a number of other laws concerning medicines.

  • glen
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    It is a scam.

    People in general stop growing after puberty.

    People stop growing after 18 years of age.

    Growing starts growing when they are babies.

    Nutrition intake on a child is a factor of growing.

    Poor nutrition intake when your young results stunted growth.

    You want proof, look at China and Japan. Their ancestors are short, now there as tall as the westerners.

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    It appears to be a complete scam. Most of the herbs listed have nothing to do with growth. They are also misleading people by using the Latin name for herbs that are pretty common. They are using the latin names for them because it makes them seem more exotic.

    The more exotic something sounds the more people are willing to pay for it.

    I would not waste my time with it.


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    Don't pop ANY kind of pill that promises to change you physically. It's incredibly dangerous. You don't know what they put in that stuff. If you are a shorter than average person, be happy with yourself and the way God made you. If we all looked the same, it would be a boring planet.

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    Keep away from this sort of short cut to increase your height. You might harm your health or have adverse reactions if you use this stuff.

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    Do not trust that site. Definite scam, the only real thing about it is the "money" that mis-informed people give them.

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    Total scam.

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    I've some swamp land you can buy in Egypt...

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    what will they think of next?! Not sure- they're probably just trying to waste your money though. i would suggest against it.

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