Man me and this boy been talkin since august and we broke up in octobrer and i really have alot of feelings?

4 him its like i wasnt plan on goin wit anybody cuz i jus got out of a relationship during the summer and he jus started talkin to me and the more we had talk on tha phone the more i started being attracted to him and we started goin out and then we started to have problems i dont talk to females at all and he gets mad cuz he think that every dude i talk to i am messin wit and so it was hard for him and then he always use to tell me to tell him how i feel and i was like everytime i tell a dude how i feel my feelings always get ****** and he was like i promise u and this and that and i love him so much i let him in my heart and once i did he turn his back on me he swear up and down he didnt and now i dont know what to do but we still talk or whateva....what should i do please help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    cuz they only want one thing and it don't involve how u feel. move on he's not worth it. find a nice guy when u get a little older. i get the feeling ur still quite young. guys r usually better later on.

  • 1 decade ago

    stay with him 4ever and he will no u r sorry

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