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I have a question about a puppy?

My husband and I will be getting a puppy in about 2 weeks. We plan to keep it in a box for a bit until it gets a little older. Can we use cat litter as a way to help with messes and clean up?

Thank you.

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    1. no cat litter

    it is for cats who like digging , a puppy will just eat it and that will be really really bad. news paper for messes inside is good enough. ust lay it out around the house when the puppy is out and when the pup needs to poo it is easier to clean up.

    also even though he/ she may be young, Puppies really DO like to be outside, just make sure they are in a safe place where no other dogs are until they have gotten their shots

    2. don't keep it in a box all the time. that would be really really bad. if you want to get a good dog out of all this, you need to socialize it alot and i mean alot.

    the best thing to do is to put it in the box only at night and make sure it is near your bed. puppies don't poop where they sleep unless it is really nessicary. if it is a young dog you are going to have to take it out to pee once or even twice a night that is why it must be near you also if it is near you it will bond with you more and be a better dog. the closer to you your dog is, the better it will be

    so good luck

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    How old will the puppy be? A box is not a good idea. If the puppy is big enough he will jump on the sides until the box overturns and will yap yap yap like mad. Also, please don't use cat litter because much of the cat litter today hardens when wet. Imagine what that would do in a puppys mouth or stomach. Cats never eat litter but a puppy could. They do have litter boxes for small breeds that you can train an older puppy to use, but they have special litter for dogs. Best is to potty train the dog. Get the dog a crate for when you cannot supervise it. Some people use baby gates and a kitchen or bathroom but puppies get bored in there and might start chewing cabinets or the wall.

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    You cannot use cat litter. The puppy can eat it and lick it off it's feet, don't do that. There is a PUPPY litter out made by Purina.

    Why do you say you are going to keep it in a box for awhile? You mean to live or go to the bathroom?

    My dogs use pee pee pads. My last pup was only 6 weeks old when I got him. The breeder starts all the pups on the pads at 2 weeks old. So, I don't know why you think your pup should stay in a box. Mine have had the run of the house since they came home. You have to be very social with your pup or face behavior problems when it is older..............REMEMBER, don't get a dog unless you are prepared to treat him/her as a member of the family.

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    Are you intending to use it to clean - or to train the dog to use? Dogs generally won't use cat litter, and you woudn't want to leave a puppy on nothing but cat litter as it has chemicals and dust in it.

    As soon as your puppy has an "accident," take it outside right away. Then try to figure out when it will go, and try to get it on a schedule. That will help. Most dogs get the idea pretty quickly.

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    train it 2 go wee wee out side the dog will eat the cat litter, not good. Also keeping the dog in a box all day is cruel

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    I would suggest puppy pads instead of cat litter, and maybe a crate instead of a box.

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    Well I woldn't even lock it in a box and i would not use cat liter it won't weork there are ways to trian puppys and not with cat litter and you can only use cat litter for cats not dogs! Hope i was any help!


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    Congratulations to your new dog! To educate the dog to obey instructions you need to be regular. Always use the equal word or phrase and continuously talk within the equal tone of voice. Speak for your usual voice. Do no longer yell. Yelling frightens the dog and won't educate him/her a factor. You might feel that it does, seeing that simply as an instance say the dog has performed anything that he/she is not meant to do and also you come to be annoyed with Puppy and also you yell "No". The dog will transfer clear of you and you may also feel that you've got taught him/her anything and this would possibly not occur once more. Well, you might be part correct. You have taught the dog anything via yelling at her/him and that's to be petrified of you seeing that the dog would possibly not have an understanding of why you are yelling. Please talk in a usual voice or a tender voice while you talk to the dog. In order to educate the dog the command "No" first made up our minds what the dog can do and what the dog is not meant to do. Some of that is seen to you and your loved ones. Some is probably not when you have youngsters corresponding to you do not desire the dog at the furnishings seeing that it (the furnishings) gets soiled and it is going to get puppy hair. After you identify along with your loved ones what's O.K. for the dog to do and what isn't O.K., then every person must use the equal phrase or phrases to educate the dog. Puppys study via repetition. Just maintain at it and lovely quickly you'll have a satisfactory good behaved dog. Also, please don't hit the dog--despite a rolled up newspaper. People say that if you happen to do that the dog or the puppy won't accomplice it with you however this isn't actual. The dog can see who's keeping that newspaper. If you desire to area the dog you must no longer hit or yell. I had a dog that I crate informed and whilst she might no longer obey me after sometimes, then I might positioned her in her crate for what's known as a "day out." I might no longer positioned her within the crate after which positioned her in a room via herself--she might have felt deserted. Instead I positioned the crate within the room with me and I sat and talked to her till she calmed down after which I instantly permit her out. You might do this. As to educating the dog to not chunk, and to not bark-- puppys bark--that is usual however to educate her to quit barking, simply talk for your usual voice and inform her "No" or "Be fairly" or "Hush" or anything like that. As some distance as instructor her to not chunk, first be definite that the man or woman isn't teasing the puppy. Biting is among the methods that puppies and puppys have of protecting themselves. If the man or woman had no longer teased the dog, simply talk for your usual voice to the dog and inform him/her "No" or "The postman is our buddy" or anything alongside those traces. This will take awhile, however puppies are intelligent. Keep at it as I mentioned previous and lovely quickly you'll have a good-mannered dog. I just about neglected the final facet of your query. Since the dog is white a few names perhaps Snowball Frosty (male) Also you must make a record of names that you just like and names that swimsuit the dog. Take a couple of days and watch the dog and you'll detect the dog's character and you may also desire to make a reputation from a attribute that he/she has. For illustration, I had a combined breed terrier. The title she had whilst I first bought her was once entirely beside the point. I made a record of names that I appreciated and I watched the dog and I spotted that she walked like a girl and held her head similar to a girl and so my new dog grew to become Lady.

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    No. But you can use a litter box. There's a company that produces dog litter. It's like "yesterdays news" Check PetSmart

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    No. start training him right away when you get him home. When he first get in a new place he will start sniffing and will try to pee or mark on it and if you see him do that say NO and take him outside right away. What i did with my dog is that after he eats(15-20 mins. later),sleeps and play i will take him right away outside and in the long run he learn to hold himself and ask (he actually stare at me or stand in the door, sometimes he will scratch the door too..)He might make mistake but always say No when you caught him and bring him outside and tell him to pee.Before you call the nights take him to pee i always do that to my dog around 9 pm and that's it for the night.

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