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Worst Concert Experiences?

Was it the jerks in front of you who kept standing up & blocking your view? The bonehead(s) who sang along (& drowned out) your favorite songs?


When I saw Paul McCartney in NJ back in '02 & everytime Paul spoke between songs, this drunk kept yelling "FREEEEDOM!!"

When Paul McCartney speaks, *I* wanna hear em!

Finally, to burly security guards calmly march up to him & he gives them this drunken "What'd I do?" look. They took him by both sides & bodily removed his drunk a** OUT.

Everyone in the section applauded! :)

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    My wife and I went to see Fuel a few years ago. We waited out in the cold for hours to be right on the rail in the front. so we get inside and the first of two opening bands are playing. This drunk guy kept trying to pull my wife off the rail through the entire first set. Half-way through the second set I told the guy to pull me off but not try to pull my wife off. I turned back around and the dude spun me around and sucker punched me right in the mouth. i was instantly grabbed by the security guards but noone grabbed him. he hand on hand right in my face and the other drawn back to hit me again (i was completly unprotected) So, I bit his thumb (he had his hand in my face) I bit it so hard blood squirted everywhere (Had to go get shots the next day and tests run) He pulled back. at the same time my hands were free and I punched him and down he went. He and I were both taken out by security. we were questioned. I was abler to charge him and go back into the show but I was in the very back now. so it pretty much blew

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    I guess it would have to be the infamous Rolling Stones concert at Altamont. Although the music was great all day, as it got dark the mood went south- the Hells Angels (concert security) clashed repeatedly with the crowd at the front of the stage, causing repeated interruptions in the performances. By the time the Stones came on the situation was pretty frenzied; every few minutes we had to back up several feet as the Angels waded into the crowd swinging pool cues, then we'd all move back up until the next incident. We found out the next day that a kid (17 yrs old) from my high school had been killed. From a musical standpoint, it was excellent, but as an experience it was very unpleasant.

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    mine ........... st patricks day 2005 Tesla ....... drunks everywhere ..... I think they were that way when they got there. . They were passing a bottle and weed every where ............ my hubby said "my goodness these people are in their 30's and act worse than kids" We started out 3 feet from the stage and got pushed back 20 feet. My hubby helped wrestle a drunk to the ground with sercurity guards. He was getting tired of evey one pushing.. Some guy shove me and my hubby almost laid him out. "I got all access pass so I can going any where" ........ "that doesn't mean you can shove my wife then " Then that drunk saw our very large friend standing behind my hubby and decided to be our new best friend for the rest of the night. Every time some one from the band would come over to the front of the stage everyone would charge the stage. thinking they could touch them. (there was a barrier so that wasn't going to happen) But they thought they could touch them anyway. I had just bought a new pair of sketcher shoes and they have no padding in the souls and my feet hurt from everyone trying to push us from behind. but the 4 of us held our ground so everyone went around us to crowd instead. Sad this was my first concert and I was scare to go to any more then. But the next concert was great (Slipknot) and everyone after that except..................

    2nd worse concert Saliva october 19, 2005 Before the show started, I was going to go to the bathroom, I forgot about the little step there and walked right off it and almost knocked myself out and twisted my ankle and it swelled up like a football . I put a cold bottle of water on it to keep it from swelling more. it took until feburary to heal I have a heel spurt from it . PS Saliva was completlly aweful

    I think every concert I gone to there is a tree (tallest guy) in front of me too

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    In 1986 Triumph with Molly Hatchet opening.

    Molly Hatchet was terrible. All the guitars were playing at the same time and it sounded like a jumbled mess.

    Triumph was great though

    1984 I saw Kenny Rogers in concert with a high school friend. The Righteous Brothers and Helen Reddy opened for him. Worst concert ever.

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    Blue Oyster Cult, about 1978, Rochester New York. I was too stoned. Sat in the bathroom most of the night. Wasted an $8.00 ticket.

    Nice Rush Avitar!! Geddy Rocks!! Fly by night away from here...

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    Bruce Springsteen's - The River tour.

    Like what you said-- two guys in front of us stood up and hollered while Bruce was talking. And if you've been to see Springsteen, his speeches between songs were very poignant or important to getting insight toward his feelings behind the song he was just singing. I was trying to be nice and I asked them to sit down, but they didn't. This was back in the day when one of his concerts was a marathon. Eventually, the guys did sit down, but when they did, I had my feet propped up on the back of the seat. I wasn't going to move them......until the one guy grabbed hold of my ankle and acted like he was going to break my leg. I was truly scared. I think I said something like, "don't you do it" The guys ended up leaving...they were drunk. A very upsetting experience since it was a bunch of us girls together and we didn't know if we would be followed or what by them.

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    I'd have to say my worst concert experience had to do with the band itself.

    I waited over 6 hours in the rain listenign to some sucky bands just to see Smashing Pumpkins at Lollapalooza 94.

    Well they finally come on at like 10pm and THEY SUCK!!

    Billy Corgan sounded like someone whiny grandmother. And he had the nerve to get angry when fans weren't "into the show".

    I'm still bitter to this day.

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    Missy Elliott

    Melbourne, Australia

    She was on stage for less than an hour. She barely performed any songs the whole way through, and spent most of her time on stage babbling about her dancers and complaining that she was sick.

    She sucked. So disappointed.

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    i was in the pit at an armor for sleep concert- right in the front against the stage. and some a**hole decided to crowd surf. he got dropped and landed on my head and my nose slammed right into the gate and started bleeding all over. i broke my nose (which hurts like hell by the way) but i stayed until the end, bloody nose and all. it was worth it though lol

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    I went ot see Aerosmith once and we were up so high I couldn't even see Steven Tylers lips. Honestly after we climbed up to our seats and I turned around to sit down I thought I was going to get sick when I looked down.

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