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should I be worried about being pregnant?

We only did it once, and used a condom, but I'm about a week late for my period (which isnt completly unusual for me) and today I had pains 'down below'...is that a sign of early pregnancy or what?...It's been about two or three weeks, so what other signs should I be looking out for now? thanks.

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    I wouldn't be worried if I were you. You stated that it is common and you used a condom. The cramps could be because your period is comming. If you are still worried go the doctor.

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    Well if you missed your period and are getting cramps, you could either be getting ready for it or you could be pregnant. That's how I knew both times, I normally bleed the same day a cramp happens and with both pregnancies I cramped but never bled and I was(obviously). It could be ovulation, implantation, or just cramping because you are getting ready to start. Since you are already late you have a good chance at getting a correct answer from a pregnancy test. I felt cramps this pregnancy(more than the last...even now at 19 weeks) I started feeling nauseated about a week or so after I found out. Call it coincedence!! But my breasts got so sore(more than before also). The cat walked across them when I layed down and I slapped him off because they hurt. These were my first symptoms. Can't tell you about the previous pregnancy because it was 4 years ago and I can't remember the timelines or the symptoms.

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    It only take one time.

    Condoms break

    You could be.

    Tenderness in breasts, sometimes stomach pains (thats how my cousin found out), obvioiusly loss of period and nausious, as well as morning sickness are all symptoms.

    Try taking a test.

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    Only one way to know get a test

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    take a test

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    could be, to be sure go and take a pregnancy test. Better to be sure than sorry,.........................and you can still have a "period" of sorts and be pregnant.

    Source(s): a friend of mine's girlfriend got pregnant the first time they did it and he was using a condom and she had a "period" when it was due
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    take the test

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