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i have 3 sphynx kittens. what's the best website to put them on sale???

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    Then spay your cat.

  • Whatever you do, please screen the people you place the kittens with carefully. Animals are not a commodity and should not be bred for a profit, however charging a small "re-homing" fee would be appropriate since people do value what they pay for. Bad things can also happen to animals that are given away "free to good home" so keep that in mind. Also make sure the parents get spayed and neutered - it's great if you find homes for all of them, but please remember that it will also mean three less shelter pets find homes.

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    1 decade ago and, that way, you'll be contacted by local residents.

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    you can make yur own web on freewebs for free

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  • 1 decade ago or Make sure that they get a great home.

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    1 decade ago

    craig's list

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