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problems with food?

I have this problem. I know this is stupid, but when ever some one gets mad at me or some thing (for example my friend Mike called me a insicure ***** online and we didn't talk for a few days) I stop eating, I mean not like all together, but I lose my appitite or what ever. and when ever I look at food I feel unbelievabuly sad so I just avoid it all together. I want to know if this could be considered eating dissorder symptoms.

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    no its not an eating disorder if its temporary! but i u gonna keep on not eating u might have some probs..not eating its not healthy! But, girl, dont let someone's words to affect you! be stronger and believe in yourself..only you is capable of characterizing yourself

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    If you are only eating less (but not really stopping eating) and it's only temporary, you are probably OK and just experiencing a reaction to stress.

    It's funny how some people eat when they are stressed and some lose their appetite. These days, the focus seems to be on the emotional eating people have when they can not stop eating when they are stressed or upset.

    Just consider your reaction in the range of normal. And realize that when the worst of the hurt is gone, you will eat normally again.

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    That is a common response to stress.

    Just try to focus on other things

    Eat small amounts of food frequently during the day

    If Mike calls you a insicure***** thats his opinion it dosen't have to be yours.

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    Loss of appetite when sad is a well-known symptom of depression in the psych field and is totally normal when you're sad. Many people's appetites fluctuate with their moods.

    Eating disorders = horse of a different color so you're safe!

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    i totally understand. that's how i get after i get into a fight or break up with a boyfriend. i feel sick and barely eat for a while. i don't think it's an eating disorder, just a little anxiety. stop thinking about it and try to forget. sorry to hear!!

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    Only if it gets to the point where not eating affects your health. Otherwise it's normal not to want to eat when you're upset.

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    u should eat or else u will be very sick and dont think bout him

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