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i just got my kitty started on amoxicillin for a cold he took his first dose this mourning and this evening?

how long until i see him feeling better he a new member to our family hes a rescued pet and i cant stand seeing him sick we just got him tuesday for my two boys and there sad about whiskers thats his name i would appreciate any feed back that you might have thanks


the vet said it was an upper respritory infection hope i spelled that right lol!

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    oh my cats always get these! the antibiotics only prevent a secondary infection ( you can tell by green mucous discharge from the nose) the virus just has to go away on it's own- usually running it's course in about 2 weeks. it usually looks a lot worse than it is though- oh how i used to worry! my cats will get them if they travel- usually they are cold "carriers" oce they have this virus, and stress can make them get a cold, but they will become less and less severe. shelter kitties always come with the respiratory infection. Make sure kitty is eating though. Sometimes the antibiotics can irritate the mouth and stomach, making the cat not want to eat. or because their nose is too stuffed up to smell it. If your cat is smacking it's mouth a lot, that's from the antibiotics. if it won't eat , put the kitty in the bathroom when you take a shower so the steam will open its nostrils. then give it the stinkiest cat food you can find. When all else fails with my sick kitties, i get plain ground turkey gerbers baby food, or just plain ol tuna heated in the microwave. that always brings them around. good luck with your kitty! oh- if your kitty is bothered by the medicine, there is an alternate antibiotic that isn't irritating. I forget what it's called, but it's not clavamox- i think it's a liquid. the vet would know though

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    If he has a bacteria caused cold-not virus-it should be within the next few days. If his cold was caused by a virus he would get better in a few days even without the antibiotic.

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    Amoxixillan is a very fast acting atibiotic and your cat will be feeling so much better tommorow after that first dose is really in the system.

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    You should see Whiskers starting to feel better within 24 to 48 hours (tops).

    Congrats on your new adoption!

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    A few days. with an upper respiratory infection he may not be able to smell his food as well. so make sure he's eating well to keep his strength up and buy some "smelly" canned food to tempt him with if he's not eating.

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    I would say it should take about 2-3 days for the antis to start showing effectiveness.

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