I'm interested in a Solar unit panel that I can build or buy already made, to heat my house as a backup heat.

I would like it to look like a rectangle, or like a skylight. I quess the big problem is getting the Solar glass panel. I'm pretty handy in making things, but I don't want it to look like some ugly junk on my roof. Some sights on the internet say to buy their book, but I'm not sure thats the way to go... I need help, and some FREE heat!

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    You can get free information on how to build a solar space heater or if you like a solar air heater and free prints. It is in PDF format but prints out just fine. It has a "free not for resale" water mark on each page but is not blocking any info that you need. Some one would have downloaded this one and been selling it on Ebay if it did not have that water mark.

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    The heat is not going to be free that is for sure, and to make a difference you will need more than the number of photo cells to take up the small space a skylight might occupy. The panels are pricey. Call your local HVAC (heating & air conditioning) company and ask what they can do for you and give you a little information about capacity. Are you looking to hook into the electrical grid or heat water = two seperate systems. I'm building a home right now for a person right now who wanted the same thing, I got my best FREE info from the HVAC people.

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    There are several ways to use solar heating in your home. I don't believe solar panels is one of them. This is a subject that I have been studying myself for a few years. You can either use air or water. Repiping the walls in your home would be expensive, so air would be a better way to go.You can build heat collector frames over your windows actually collect the sun's heat and pulls it inside your home. You might want to check out www.motherearthnews.com aaaaaaaaaaaaaaathey had an article on it last month I believe. Good luck in whatever direction you decide to try.

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    Create Home Solar Power - http://solar.eudko.com/?aHz

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    there is a book called sunshine to dollars that is actually pretty useful I am ordering it just for some of the ideas

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