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What is the best laptop company(HP,Compaq,Dell, or Toshiba)?

In the market to buy a laptop...Looking for the best for less!!

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    Dell sucks. Its lucky that they have excellent customer service reps (for the most part) because everything that could have gone wrong with my Dell laptop has. Hard drive crashed twice, dvd drive had to be replaced, fan had to be replaced, had to get a new battery (although apparantly that's standard), and recently i had to send it back to them and they gave me a whole new system board because it was ****** (the computer wouldn't start). I would not get a laptop from them...

    also I've only had this machine for 2 years.

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    Check the 'computer' section of - you can compare the brands there andbuy direct from all the computer makers. Good luck in your search

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    I say Toshiba

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