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What are some good computer related jobs I can aim for out there? ive always wanted to work with Computers but somethign I can enjoy somewhat as well and of course pays decent? What are some good solid jobs out there and what would I need to major in for me to qualify for them?

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    I got a bachelors in a liberal arts degree, then got my associate degree in computer programming. I was a computer programmer for a number of years.

    I learned a lot about databases, and did database programming-you could be a database designer or database administrator or dba(to keep the database running). They are paid very well. Oracle is the most popular database right now.

    You could learn about networking and security, security is hot now. You could major in Computer Networking or learn from continuing education classes, so you could get your CompTIA A+ certification, then get Network+ certified, and later Security+ certified, and get any Microsoft Networking certification you could. Certs are big in the networking field..

    I taught myself online programming, and later html, css, and javascript-and dreamweaver (a web page generator) and fireworks (graphic tool) so you could be a web designer. There are Internet Programming or Web Programming majors, or you could get an associate degree or learn on your own. Pay is not the greatest right now, since there are lots web designers/programmers in the field.

    If you like graphics, and are artistic, you could learn Photoshop (latest version is CS2), or Fireworks 8, and even better learn Abobe Illustrator or Freehand, so you can create the graphics from scratch. Graphic artists do pretty well, and can work on their own. Major: Graphic Design

    If you like animation, Flash 8 is the tool to learn and use with html (web pages) and graphics (gifs and jpegs). It's very popular, and not an easy tool to learn or use. Usually included with Graphic Design Majors, if a college offers it.

    Learn about web servers and become a web master, pays very well with experience. Major: Web management

    You could learn Java, which is a very popular programming language, or VB.Net, or C++, C#, which often talk to databases and the web. Major: Programming (Object oriented)

    With experience, you could be a Business Analyst or Project Manager, they make a lot of money.

    Good luck!

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