My dad always drives our cars hard. Is this bad for them?

He has a mustang, so that's not much of the issue...

he drives our jaguar luxary car, and our 1999 durango hard. He just floors it, cuz he's immature. could he mess up something, or cause it to fail more easily?

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    yes excessive ware on driveline parts from driveing hard this is why they rebuild race cars after every race

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    The mustang and the jag may break, the durango should frequently be hammered on because mopars like it! He's obviously confused for owning the other two junkers.

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    Yes.There could be problems down the road.When it comes to selling the cars they would be ragged out.He can service them properly and still get a great life out of them

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    i own a repair shop,and some of these modern cars will take more than they used to would have,,if he drives them like this,,think of it like this ,at least you don't have to pay the repair bills on them,,but he could mess one up,,some cars will take it,and some wont,,i guess you,ll find out if the ones he owns will take it or not,,good luck with it,i hope this help,.,,have a good x-mas.

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    Yes and yes. Its harder on the engine, could cause piston damage and also wastes more gas. The lifters will definately start to tap if not already.

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    Yes it could make something tear up easy.

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    only if don't put it away wet.....

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