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How do I creatively have 12 Girl Scouts do a Christmas gift exchange with each other?

Please give specifics and what a reasonable dollar amount would be too. We have already done several projects in the community for the holidays. Any ideas for games? Thanks from a grateful Leader!

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    One of my Troop's favorites is everyone votes on a price $5-$10. At our party whoever brings in a gift hes their name put on three pieces of paper, when we start the names are put in a hat and we draw them one at a time. When the name is drawn, the girl has a choice of taking a gift that hasn't been picked or "stealing" on from another girl. When their name has been drawn three times they get to open the gift, but it can still be stolen. It's over when all the gifts are chosen. They find that some of the silliest things if wrapped really fancy, are the first chosen. The sometimes try to find silly things as gifts and go all out decorating the package. Even the girls that don't bring in a present have a great time cheering the others on.

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    Keep the gift cost inexpensive, not more than 5.00-10.00. Have the girls wrap their gifts, then stick a number on the bottom of each box, 1-12 (since that's how many Scouts you have). Pick a Xmas song, and play some Xmas Present Hot Potato.

    Sit the girls in a circle, hand them each a different package, then turn on the music. The girls pass their presents around the circle until the music stops. Have them turn their packages over and whomever has #1, slides out of the circle and hangs on to their package until all the girls have gone through the numbers.

    Once the game is over, let them tear into their presents. Not only have you had a fair exchange, you've played a game as well. This is great for any size group. Hope that it's helpful.

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    Ok, a couple suggestions:

    Have each girl write their name on a piece of paper, set the limit under 10.00 (or 20.00 if parents are willing/wanting to spend more) and have them write 5 things on the paper (such as favorite color, favorite hobby, favorite singer, their size, etc.) This will give the person buying ideas of what the person likes and will almost ensure that they give them something they will enjoy. Then fold the paper up and throw them all in a hat or bowl and have each girl draw a name and keep it a secret until the gift exchange. A fun way to exchange them and unwrap them would be to have a race. Get two chairs and start the girls about 10 feet away. Two at a time, have the girls run to the chairs, sit down and unwrap their present. The fun part would be to make them wear gloves or mittens and try unwrapping them. This game is also fun when played with hershey kisses :).

    Another idea is to have each girl buy a gift under the price limit everyone decides on that girls in their age range would like. Then, have them wrap them up and put them in a box, and wrap that box and put it in a bigger box and wrap that box, and so on until you have a large "looking gift" that is actually a box within a box within a box.... (This also works with several layers of wrapping paper). Have the girls sit in a circle and pass each gift around the circle while playing music, when the music stops, the girl holding the gift will unwrap one layer. Continue this until the final layer is unwrapped and the girl who unwraps it, gets that gift.

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    A 5-7 dollar limit is a good amount.

    All gifts into a pile. Wrapped. pass out numbers to the girls, assign numbers to the gifts. The first person to go can pick whatever gift, the second gets next pick etc. As the gifts are unwrapped, the person who is next can "steal" from an already unwrapped gift and her wrapped gift goes to the person she stole from.... It goes down the line. The girl who went first gets choice to steal at the very end. We do this every year at our womens Christmas party at church. It is fun.

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    Draw names for gifts. It's hard to tell you what limit to set. You know the socioecomonics of your area. If you live in Manhattan, your dollar amouont would be higher than if you live in Compton. Higher in North Dallas than in South. So look at your group, and see what seems reasonable to you. If $5 seems right, then have fun with it! If $20 seems right, then do that. But I wouldn't think about going higher than that. If it were me, I'd set a group limit at $10.

    Have fun!

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    Do a secret santa. have each girl get a gift for about $15 starting with the first letter of their first name. its a cute thoughtful way of getting a gift.

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    pull names from a hat to pick the secret santa! no one can tell each other who they have. It depends on how old the girls are, but i would make the gifts at least more than 5 dollars. Good luck!

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    have them each bring a $15-20 gift wrapped. then number the gifts and have them draw numbers to see who gets what gift.

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