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How do u make ur skin clean?

Since i been practicing with my tumbling and cartwheel i've been getting my elbow and knee very dirty. and now i cant remove it, my skin is darker in that area than my normal skin color. what should i do? please help

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    its not that your skin is dirty, its just that when youre on your knees and elbows a lot and apply pressure to them youre breaking blood vessels causing your skin to darken. you could try the lightening thing but the best thing is prevention. if u can use knee pads when youre practicing to help.

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    You could cut a lemon in half and rub it on the elbow and knee area, it will help lightening the skin, remember to wash it off after rubbing it for around 3-4 minutes, u could do it everyday or every other day.

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    i agree with the lemon thing but also if that doesn't work ask ur doctor mabe he/she could prescribe or recommend something

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    Use something you would use on your face, such as Stridex or cleansing pads, they take everything off so I would try it.

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    you simply wash it every night with soap

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    Wash it.

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