I'm confused?!?!?! When is my exact Due Date?Last LMP was March 21,2006?

My last LMP was March 21,2006....my first ultrasound states that my due date is on Jan 4, 2007 and the 2nd ultrasound is on Jan 6,2007....and my OB said that my Due Date is on between Dec 22-24,2006....I'm really confused....when is my due date exactly??And i was planning to take my maternity leave next week from work..Pls help!

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    Your due date is December 26/ 06

    My daughter also had 2 due dates, I hated it. If the first day of your last period was Marcch 21, then you are due on boxing day! That is a Tuesday

    You are 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant

    Your baby is due in one week and 5 days

    You are 96% done your pregnancy!

    WOW, I wish I was that far along, lol. I am only 13 weeks

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    Im in the same boat my lmp was March 17th 2006, my first due date was Dec 22nd then the 24th and now this Sunday the 17th...my dr appt today says Im still at 1cm (for the last 3 wks) Ive had on and off contractions but no other action if she doesnt come the 17th they will induce on the 24th, so Im thinkin the first two dates are more acurate but u never knoe for sure... good luck

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    Count 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. That is the date. It sounds like your doctor is going by that date. Ultrasound technicians estimate due dates based on the size of the baby's skull... All they can really estimate is at what point the skull will be the size they think it's supposed to be at birth.. based on averages. So that's not a full-proof method. I wish they'd stop doing that! Go with the 40 weeks date. It's the real deal.

    And best wishes to you!

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    December 26 according to LMP....BUT.....really, ultrasounds early on are pretty accurate, more so, I think.

    Just because your LMP was that day doesn't mean you ovulated on Day 14 as a lot of these calculators predict. You could've ovulated later in your cycle which is why the ultrasound is saying later dates yet (the baby would be a tad smaller, naturally).


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    It is normal for your due date to change slightly, because it is just an estimation.You are due around the end of December and the beginning of January. If it is important to have an exact due date to think and talk about, go with January 4th.

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    Says that you would be due on Dec 26th. Although it can be different if your cycle is not 28 days and your ovulation timing also be off the average 14 days after the first day of your period... but give or take a few days it is around the 26th of Dec.

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    If you had your sonogram when you were in the 1st or early 2nd trimester, that date will be more accurate.

    If you go by the FIRST DAY of your LMP, your date would be 12/29

    Like I said though, sono would probably be more accurate if it was done in 1st/2nd trimester.

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    Take off work as soon as you can, but plan for the latest date. Unfortunately my dr moved up my due date a lot during my pregnancy, then when my son was born (c-section) he was slightly premature and had breathing problems.

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    No thats prevalent, they count huge type the due date 40 weeks from the 1st day of your final era and in case you have a test they degree and date it watching the size. you probable did no longer incredibly ovulate and concieve until your prevalent ovulation time. wish it incredibly is clever! lol good luck with the toddler! xx

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    don't take your maternity leave until you're absolutely sure about the approximate date. but you can never be sure about the EXACT date. just play it by ear, and if you feel you should start next week, then go right ahead.

    i worked up until i got my appointment for my induction...

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