How do I know if a boy likes me, after I have already told him I like him more than once?

I have been talking to this boy on the phone, and I haven't talked to him in 5 years. I told him I liked him, more than once, and I have given him hints that I love him. I don't want to just come out and ask him if he likes me, because I have done this with someone else, and he made me feel really miserable, cause he really didn't like me like I liked him.

So, is there a way I can find out if he likes me, without making me feel stupid?

I already told him I got him a Christmas present, and he said I really shouldn't have gotten him anything, he said "I'm not saying that to make you feel happy you bought me something. I really mean you SHOULDN'T have got me anything."I also told him(cuz I talk too much)that there is something really weird I wanna tell him, but I'm not gonna tell him, "Maybe in 10 years I'll tell you" I said, and he thought that was weird I would wait so long to tell him something *the weird thing is "I Love You"* What am I supposed to do?!?! Please if you could help


He is a really nice boy. He is smart, and he has his own unique way of thinking about things. He's not a perv in any way, which is why I'm having trouble figuring out if he likes me(I think that's why?!?!)

Anyway, he always tells the truth, but I kinda.... I don't know, All I know is I need help.........PLZZZZZZZ???!!!!???!!!

Update 2:

I dont get to see him, and my mom and my sister hate him, so, that causes alot of problems also.

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    go up and ask for the last time

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