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Should points actually be given for answers like "I don't know?"?

In my opinion such spurious answers like "I don't know," or "I don't speak English," used simply to accumulate points, reduce the entire concept of Q&A to an unnecessary level of malnutrition. In essence, this sort of child's play does nothing more than waste serious people's time and efforts; especially when your emails direct you to go read their completely brainless answers. Good or bad, any answer should be given with an explanation of one's reasoning behind the answer.

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    I don't know, but the real answer is in your email.

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    Well of course points shouldn't be given for those kinds of answers, and those of us who truly put effort into answering questions can all agree on that--but I don't believe there's any code Yahoo! programmers could write that would be able to stop such a thing, and there certainly aren't enough Yahoo! employees to monitor the answers.

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    I completely agree. People, at least people like me, come here to get help, and to help others. I once got an answer of something like wanna go out with me? It's just STUPID that people actually get points for those. I usually report the really bad ones. I know that's mean, but that's not the purpose of Q&A. Well, I hope that I helped you get the point across. ;)

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    I knew you were a newbie just from your question. Most of us have learned to skim right over such answers just as we have learned to skim over the mean, hateful ones. If you don't like an answer, just report it or ignore it. If you don't like the way Yahoo Answers is working, go to the forums and talk to one of the YAT members.

    Or just don't use Yahoo Answers. It's far from perfect, but it can be great fun if you just ignore the bad stuff and focus on the good stuff.

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    I agree that when you take time to ask a valid question you would expect the courtesy of a thoughtful answer. However, some people are here just for the points or really not very courteous. Sorry about that.

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    No, I dont think so. There are those people that just answer "yes" or "no". Theres not that can be done at this point, just give a thumbs down and flagging it is the most that you can do right now

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    You are completely right. If all a person has to say is "I don't know" than they should just keep the comment to themselves because it is a total waste of time and space.

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    Some people who read questions probably feel they should answer the question even if they don't know the answer, as if the question has physically been asked to them, not that they've voluntarily read it and must answer it.

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    No thats really not an answer they just want to make 2 points.

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    Sorry, but it is an answer. Some answers are even worse that that--as you are finding out--first hand. Good luck. And just smile.

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    Answers like "I don't know" are considered as "Point Gaming" and is a violation of the Community Guidelines and these should be reported.

    If you have not had the opportunity to read the CG's please take the time to read them. It is important information to know.;_ylt=ArIoso5Fs...

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