Who is your "village idiot"?

Everybody has someone in their neighborhood or local bar. We had a neighbor who would walk from house to house asking for cigarettes. He's gone now, but he was always doing stupid stuff. We also had a guy who has passed out in the back parking lot of our favorite bar. He always walks around the neighborhood like he doesn't know where he is. (He's constantly drunk) Share yours.

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    Uh... Me. I am the village idiot.

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    a. In my neighborhood: The guy living three doors away from me is about 58 years old, has one eye, and lived with his mother his entire life. She died a year ago, and now he gets on everyone's nerves because he's trying to "fit in" with everyone living on our block. When my dad was training my aunt's dog (1/2 pit bull, 1/2 boxer), the moron tried to pet her. (The dog bit everyone she didn't know.) Then, he started screaming like a little girl when she bit his hand. On another occasion, he asked my dad if he could borrow his chainsaw to cut down a branch on the tree in his yard. Knowing that giving it to him wouldn't end well, my dad agreed to cut down the branch for him. It still didn't end well: The idiot stood directly below the branch and almost got hit. You can go on and on with stories that include everyone on the block; he is the true village idiot.

    b. In my friend's apartment building: There used to be two gay guys that would argue about stupid things in the hallway (ie. "We do NOT have too many ornaments on our tree!", "Carlos, you made me so upset I could just tear tissues!", etc.), often at 10:00 or later. On one memorable occasion, we heard them arguing about whether or not they should put another strand of lights on the tree, and they became extremly loud when one pushed the other one.

    -I think all neighborhoods have at least one oddball.

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    Idiot ,? Most of the things you ask about just sound unfortunate

    to me . These people are usually sick .

    My next door neighbor's brother was badly injured in a car accident and couldn't work . He became an alcoholic and drank every day . No one wanted to talk to him because he was usually drunk . He started drinking in the beginning to kill the pain he was in .

    He was always very polite to me and on trash days would go get his and my trash cans and bring them up for me . He said he liked to help me because I was nice and always said good morning and wanted to know how he was .

    A couple months ago he was hit by a car and died . He was only in his late 30's .

    Idiot ? I think not just another lost soul looking for kindness .

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    what a great neighborhood you live in.

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    I'd vote or my Sister-in-law or my soon to be ex Brother-in-law.

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    my friend. he's pretty dumb

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