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What tactic did Scipio use to defeat Hannibal?

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    There were several really crafty tactics Scipio used against Hannibal. One of the strangest is Scipio discovered that elephants panicked when they smelled horse blood. So he would have men assigned to go in front of any elephants they saw and slit the throat of a horse. Often the elephant would turn around and charge back into there on army.

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    In terms of strategy, he brought the war to Hannibal's base camps & cities (ie, Cartagena & Carthage), forcing the Carthaginian senate to recall Hannibal from Rome. Also, Scipio Africanus won over the Spaniards & Gauls by releasing hostages. More importantly, he won over Massinisa & the Numidians who made up the elite cavalry of Hannibal's forces, denying Hannibal of his crucial cavalry forces.

    In terms of tactics, Scipio Africanus improvised the Roman maniples formation when facing Hannibal's elephants - ie. he moved the checkered formations into columns with spaces between them so that the elephants will pass the formations without much effect against the Romans while stabbing at the elephants & forcing them to panic & turn back against the Carthaginian lines.

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    After thi great victory Scipio was denounced and humiliated and there is a excellent inscription on his tomb:Ingrata Patria ne ossa quidem mea habeas!

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    He pulled Hannibal in and circled around behind to cut off his supply line, essentially stranding him.

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