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how do you calculate bmi?

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  • Brad
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    1 decade ago
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    If you want the actual formula, here that is

    BMI=(Weight in Pounds/(Height in inches)x(Height in inches))x703

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    Do not use those calculators.... they don't work because they cannot really figure in your true fat content. I am 5'4" and weigh 164 lbs but I am solid. I work out a lot so I have a lot of muscle. The calculators said i'm overweight... 1.9 points from being obese actually... yeah not even close to obese. I wear a size 9 or 11 jeans...all solid.. thank you. Bottom line, don't use it, it will just put you down and lie to you.

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    i'm sorry to the above poster, but a size 9 or 11 is not "solid." the only way you should be packing 150+ pounds at your height would be if you're a competitive bodybuilder.

    fresh off my last exam, BMI is weight (kg) divded by height (m^2) squared. it is used as a rough guideline though. don't stress over it.

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  • nermil
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    1 decade ago

    go to this website and plug in your numbers

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