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Pre-med people!!?

What courses did you take your 1st and 2nd year of college?

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    The first 2 years are standard for life science majors. Do all your pre-requisites, if necessary see a counselor or view the university catalog for the graduation requirements and the major requirements. Schedule accordingly. If you are behind, do all the make-up classe first, with some of the non-science courses (English, Sociology, Foreing Language) plus Math. You want to follow thru all your Math in sequence. You also want to focus on sciences later...once you have all your deficiencies recovered.

    Then you start with Biology, General Chemistry, Anorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, plus labs for them all, etc...the last year you should do the "human" stuff, like Anatomy, Genetics and Psychology- and preparing for the MCAT and taking it a good 8-12 months before you are scheduled to graduate with your B.Sc. in pre-med!

    Find a good school, get their catalog, and start laying out your schedules! Then stay focused for the next 6-8 years! Be sure to keep you GPA high because there is a lot of competition out there!!!

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    Pre-med students are required to complete Calculus (2 semesters worth, preferably the math major's route), Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

    Stick with the sciences and take a core humanities to balance it out.

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    sience like biology and chemistry and lots of math.

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