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How do guys feel about dating their best friend's ex?

Are all ex's off limit, or just some? If your friend said he was interested in your ex, and he wanted to try to get together with her, what would you say? (Girls, what would you think if your ex's best friend wanted to date you?) I think it's off limits, but I'm curious to see what other people think.

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    OFF LIMITS!!! That rates a 10.5 on the creepy meter. That is waaaaaaaaaay too much drama for a beginning relationship. Pass on the ex's and go scout some new territory. You'll thank me later.

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    I doubt I would ever attempt to date a best friend's ex. For the obvious reason that is goes against principle. And because I've guys talk about things and from what I know about these girls would make them unattractive. However if given the right circumstances, such as I thought there was a connection and I know the friend wasn't seriously into the relationship, I might make an effort.

    To answer the other question, if a friend wanted to date my ex I would probably give my approval. One my feelings would have had to expire and two I would assume that my friends would take the same approach as I would with a situation like that.

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    Most are off limits

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    It's usually best to consider them complely off limits.

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    ex's are off limits. no exceptions unless you want to lose a friend...

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    I think that if the relationship's a long time ago, and if the best friend's ok with the relationship, then it's ok.

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    I don't have a problem if my friend asks me first... Otherwise that kind of bugs me that he didn't step up and ask first.

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    depends what you ex thinks, if they don't mind then why not depends on your personal morals

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