Do dogs get menstrual cramps?

I'm just wondering if there is anything I should give my dog to make her more comfortable while she's in heat (besides the obvious).

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    You need to have some idea of what your dog weighs. Then you can give her some of the same drugs you take. Look on the bottle so you can see how many milligrams of medicine are in each pill, then cut up the pills accordingly. Use these numbers as maximum doses and start out at half or less. Your dog has cramps, not broken ribs.

    If you have Ibuprofen, the dosage for dogs is 5 to 10 mg per kg, which comes to about 2 to 5 milligrams per pound, once daily.

    For aspirin (which might not be that good for someone on her period, with the blood thinning thing, I don't know) the dose is five to ten milligrams per pound, twice daily.

    For acetaminophen, it's 7 mg per pound, four times daily.

    If you roll some cheese into a ball in your hands, you can stick the pill pieces in and your dog will never notice.

    Source(s): The Merck Veterinary Manual.
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    I'm sure they do, their uterus is contracting up the same way a human's does so I can imagine it would cause cramping pain. My Mom's golden acts like she's in pain when she's in season. I wouldn't give any human medications, call your vet and see what they suggest. They should tell you over the phone free of charge.

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    Yes they do, every time my female dog bleeds she whines in pain and runs over to us to rub her belly... First time I have ever seen it in a dog.

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    I always put a hot water bottle in my dogs bed. She loves it and will roll over onto her back on top of it.

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    Spay her you idiot.

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