Is it possible to "do" a Ouija board by yourself? Or is it not even "real"?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    its not real but it still says in the bible not to mess with something like that your asking for trouble

  • BubbaB
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    1 decade ago

    It's not even real. Yes, they physically exist, but Ouija boards do not "contact the spirit world". They are not "evil". They do not "open a doorway". They do not "summon demons". That's all part of the Ouija board's mythos.

    Ouija boards rely on the imperceptible muscular movements of those touching the planchet -- The thing that indicates letters.

    Penn and Teller on their Showtime Show, "Bullsh*t" (with the letter I) fully and soundly debunked Ouija boards.

    They had a group of people use a Ouija board normally. The planchet indicated words, apparently answered questions, etc. Nobody claimed to be moving the planchet. All very typical.

    They then blindfolded the group and, without telling the group, rotated the Ouija board 180 degrees. The board didn't function as it did when the group was not blindfolded. For example, when a Yes/No question was asked, the planchet indicated the spots that "Yes" or "No" had been before the board was rotated. Neither did any words get accurately spelled out by the planchet.

    Obviously, either spirits are completely blind or the Ouija board opperates based on the imperceptible muscular actions of the participants.

    For further reading:

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Apparently SOME people are ignorant or naive. A Ouija board it real. It's olde definition is talking board. Many witches used them to try to find many different answers. They can and most likely attract evil, hence the evil warnings about them. You don't "do" a ouija, it uses the energy from the person who may touch it to move. In much simpler words, IT uses you. Some are right though, it is an open invite to evil beings, so beware. If you are truely interested in posessing a ouija, get a lage piece of wood, not lumber, and a carving tool or a wood singer, and inscribe the olde alphbet on it. On one corner put affirmative and the other negative. both on the upper left and right hand corners. on the bottom corners, put a sun and moon and in between stars in no pattern. On the back of the plank, put a religious symbol and get holy water or annointed oils and cover it. When using any ouija, mark a circle around those who are in it with you with salt, and light 5 candles in the shape of an upright star. Mostly considered a pentagram any way it is facing. The salt will protect you from harm, the symbol will show that you are not welcoming evil, the holy water or oils will offer the same protection, and the candles, other than providing light, will give you a better response to contact. Happy hauntings and well being.

    Source(s): life and experience
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    Oh it's real! It's possible, and It's still dangerous.

    I have done it, it does work just as well.

    But the problem is it tends to attract low entities.

    Ya know, when ya go out on the town at night, ya tend to know those types to stay away from, so that ya don't run into trouble?

    Well, a Ouija is a trouble magnet!

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is possible to "do" a Ouija board by yourself. However, I would discourage you from doing because you might want to talk to a specific spirit and a completely different might come by and start talking to you or of course you might get the psycho ghost that tries to tell you that you're going to die the next Tuesday! Either way, don't use it!

  • 1 decade ago

    I wanna do a Ouija board but you probably don't live by me.

  • Lone
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, it is possible. Yes, it is real. And yes, it IS dangerous. Ouija boards are best left alone.

    Blessed be. )O(

  • 1 decade ago

    They do work and I can do one by myself. I have a niece that dose not even have to touch one she just holds her hand over the broad. By the way their true name is witch or talking broad. Ouija is a name made-up by Parker Brothers

  • Scooby
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    1 decade ago

    never tried then and never will, and I strongly advise you not to try it either. I don't believe in the supernatural but form my own mental health I wouldn't want to be proved wrong. I've heard of people that used these boards and good never came out of it.

  • 1 decade ago

    The wise thing to do is to leave it alone period.............. And it does not just open the door for low level spirits.. All servants of Satan are very dangerous, And can make your life a living hell............. I am amazes how un-real people are. Why are they willing to put their lives on the line while thinking that doing this is fun. It is no wonder that God stated that if he did not intervene there would be no flesh left alive on this earth. Please tell me how much more stupid can people really get..................................

    I guess that mankind has just lost its will to live. For what else could it be that make mankind so willing to die other than the evil that surrounds us that mankind refuses to believe in it existence.................

  • 1 decade ago

    do you know any protection rituals? if not dont mess with this. I know 3rd degree wiccans who wont screw with a ouija board.

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