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Did you buy your pet from a Pet store,breeder or animal shelter?

I would also like to know why people buy from a breeder/ pet store when there are already tons of un- loved animals at the Shelter, they all bring happiness in your life, right, is it really that important if you have a purebred. Don't the older animals at the shelter get put down if no one adopts them?


I got my dog and cats from the shelter, they relieve a lot of stress lol.

Update 2:

This question is not meant to be a lecture, I just wanted to know were people buy their pets from and the reasons behind it, I know everyone has a right to their own opinion.

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    Puppies get put down at Shelters.Old dogs, Full blooded dogs..Its not just old and ugly dogs that get put down..I adopted Two of my dogs from Greyhound Rescue, One from a lady to keep it out of the Shelter..I have 2 fosters From the Shelter..But In My opinion there is nothing wrong with Getting your Dog from a reputable Breeder if you want a certain breed for a pet..You cant always find just what you want at a Shelter and people do have a right to get what they want..I LOVE my Greyhounds They are a breed that need adopting after their racing career is over.But,If they werent I would go buy one from a good breeder as I enjoy the breed. I would Never, Never Get a puppy from a pet store..To me thats supporting Puppymills! I encourage people to adopt from Shelters/Rescues but I understand if someone wants a Well bred ,Certain Dog to raise/train for Showing, Agility,Hunting,Flyball,ect!

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    I don't buy animals from a breeder. I have two purebred pit bulls from an animal shelter 25% of animals at a shelter are purebred. I also got a retriever from a friend who couldn't afford them all and a beagle from a family member that neglected him. We also buy horses from auctions abused and neglected. Depending on the animal shelter they can put dogs to sleep after being there so long. They also have no kill animal shelters where they only put them down if they are sick and they can't afford medical care. Buying from a pet store and a breeder is not all bad either your pets health is guaranteed. If the health is not right you can switch animals or return them and get your money back. Also breeding animals does confirm the breed sticking around. Where ever people get their pets is up to them and I'm sure they have a reason for picking that spot. Mine was because they needed a home and I could give them that and love and the care they need.

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    I can completely understand that there are some LEGITIMATE breeders that breed dogs to keep the breed standard. A legitimate breeder would be someone who does it for the intense love of the breed, provides the best care for the mother and pups, does not breed the female excessively (only once or twice) and also runs a rescue as well.

    However, I do have a problem with the backyard breeders, because they are contributing to the pet over population and homelessness problem. They do nothing to help and only contribute to the problem.

    BTW, my dogs come from shelters, of course.

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    Before I say anything, please know: Training clears up just about every single problem that comes up. Dogs at shelters have a past. Sometimes the dogs come from loving families that just can't keep them anymore. Sometimes these dogs have been neglected and abused. If you get a dog with a past, you'll have to work a little harder to win their love and trust. It's totally worth it, and it's generally no big deal, but you may need some training classes and a whole lot of patience before you get the pet you want. Buying puppies from a rescue is risky. Puppies all look alike. Sometimes, you can buy what they think is a chihuahua, only to have it grow into a Labrador. That's how i got my dog.

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  • All of my cats were strays needing a home and to be spayed or neutered so they would not create more unwanted and unloved kittens.

    Also, even if someone does want a purebred pet, there are tons of those that are abandoned. Look on the internet for rescue organizations that help certain breeds, sometimes even the local humane society has purebreeds.

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    My cats were all strays that wondered up in my yard so I got them fixed and now they live in the house. My dog was surrendered by his owners who could no longer care for him. When I went to pick him up, he was locked up in their kitchen living in his own waste. One of my horses came from a breeder, (a VERY responsible breeder who only breeds two or three mares a year) and the other I saved from an abusive situation. One day I hope to have enough land to rescue more horses. Nothing gives me more satisfaction in life!

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    i didn't buy my pets, they all found me at different times when i needed them. i found one of my cats on christmas and she was hungry and cold and didn't have anyone to take care of her and she was very young-turns out her owner had abandoned her because she tested positive for F.I.V.(feline aids) and my other animals including my dog came from people who were going to take them to a shelter or just drop them off somewhere in the woods. i think you are a awesome for going to a shelter for your animals though and plan on doing that if i ever want another animal and don't have any finding me.

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    My dog came from the local shelter.

    My cat came with my boyfriend, they got him in Chicago when one of their neighbor's cats had an accidental litter.

    My first two guinea pigs came from Petsmart. One had bordetella and cost me $400 to treat. I didn't realize at the time that there were guinea pigs in rescue.

    My next two guinea pigs came from the local rescue I now volunteer with.

    My last two guinea pigs came from a shelter in the western region of the state that was going to put them down.

    One of my gerbils came from our rescue, and the other was purchased from a pet store before the first two guinea pigs.

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    My two golden retrievers came from a breeder. I was six, so I couldn't really voice my opinion about it. Both of my rabbits came from a shelter though.

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    a shelter the best choice ive ever made save a life gain a friend who will always be there

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