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Just got a perm 2 wks ago.How do I use mouse without it turning stiff also how do I use d diffuser?

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    If your hair is going stiff it's because you are using too much mouse. Mouse is really meant to just go on and around your roots to boost your hair up and only a little down the shaft of the hair to help with control. also, if you are putting too much on the rest of the hair, it will pull it down and will take away from volume. Goldwell has a really great mouse that you would have to put the whole can in your hair to make it stiff.

    Depending on your hair type you turn the heat on high or low and the speed of the dryer on high or low and you push the diffuser into your hair and sort of rub it around in little circles close to your roots (with parts of your hair sitting in the diffuser) it slows down the flow of air to your hair so it doesn't kill the shape of the curl.

    Good luck!

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    mix 1/2 moose with 1/2 serum to keep it from getting stiff and as for a diffuser...

    lean you head to one side and bunch your hair onto the diffuser to slowly dry it - but don't hold it in one spot for to long - switch from one side to the next then to the back until it is all dry (i think it is best to let it dry natural though)

    Hope that helps!

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