Why in our society are we getting more aggressive?

This week I had to go to this defense course to learn how protect myself and a staff member if someone into the buliding to hurt someone. Anyway they told us, that in Australia that violence is on the increase and I am shore the rest of the world is much the same. Even the poor old postie is cop it. Why are we become more aggressive between one another? Why do they nurse have do this course to pretect them self? Why cant we accept people for who they are?

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    There is very little personal responsibility today. In days gone by children would be disciplined by even complete strangers for saying or doing something considered out of line. If one man mouthed off to another, he knew the other man would probably beat him until he was satisfied, and others may help. We have been softened by liberal ideas of a violence free society, and the notion that the government should take responsibility for our well being. Criminals, thugs, and thieves will always grow such an environment because government can't do the job. Until we take back our initiative to handle our own problems as a society outside of government, and again personally enforce a unified code of morals and ethics, we're doomed for an escalation of aggression from those who see us as victims

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    This is a world infected by sin.

    Sin???? Yes, sin!!!

    We do the things we should not do and do not do the things we ought to do.


    Each person, upon coming into this world, is a sinner in the eyes of God.

    Society, through blind teachings and secular ideas, has convinced most people that it is okay to do whatever we want as long as we are happy in the process.

    This concept is TOTALLY so against the principles that God established for us in the Bible.

    Society will get worst and you will see it everyday.

    The world is on a collision course to the GREAT TRIBULATION PERIOD spoken by many prophets and Jesus in the Bible.

    People do not have the capacity to accept each other for who they are.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for people to get along outside a PERSONAL relationship with God.

    I am talking about a HEART relationship NOT a HEAD relationship.

    Only Jesus can make the difference in the life of each person on this planet.

    Education CANNOT change a person from a racist, for example, to a loving caring individual. ONLY JESUS can satisfy the soul.


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    seriously, because the end is only a few years of 2012, or something like that.

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    too many people in a small world

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