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What is global warming? Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

In school, we read an article how global warming is affecting not only us but the animals down south who live in Antartica. It really makes me sad that how we are breaking the ozone and destroying lives of ourselves, and other organisms. Is there a way to prevent this? Thanks :)


I walk to school by the way.. lol =D

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    Global warming is the result of two main inputs.

    1) The Earth is subject to a natural cycle of warming and cooling every 10,000 years or so due to 3 'wobbles' in its orbit. At the moment, we are in a warming phase of this system.

    2) Humans over the last 200 years or so have been releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. This is speeding up the natural warming effect to a level that we have not witnessed for 400,000 years

    It is not possible to prevent this from happening, unless you can change the Earth's orbit! (you can't!). Anything that redues the emission of CO2 will be beneficial, but this needs to be done on a large scale, i.e. by governments legislating industries. All we can do really is to slow down our emissions and hope for the best!

    With regard to the recommendation of 'The day after tomorrow', it's quite a good film but the science in it is pretty poor. Basically, any changes will be over a much larger timescale, and the dramatic events portrayed in this film are NOT going to happen! Trust me, this is what the scientific community says, not Hollywood!

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    Global warming is the warming up of the Earth's surface caused by the rupturing of the ozone layer which protects us from the dangerous rays emitted by the sun. The result is that polar ice caps melt at a faster pace, climate changes occur worldwide, and eventually, the human race is at risk. If you watch the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" (great movie, at video stores), it will give you a clear understanding of the threat our children will face... or maybe sooner.

    The ozone layer is being damaged by certain pollutants, which governments worldwide are not moving very quickly to eliminate since it affects the economic growth of various world markets, and they are looking at the "money" aspect rather than the "danger" it poses, until it's too late. To put a stop to it, the world has to act as one and work together, and to try and get the world to co-operate all at once... difficult. There are several organizations that are trying to do something about it, like Green Peace, but it's a time-consuming worldly task.

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    Global Warming is the overall warming of the earth which results in the thinning of the ozone layer. The ozone layer is important because it blocks the harmful ultraviolet waves coming from the sun.

    To prevent this, some everyday things you can do would be recycle everything that you can, walk or ride a bike as much as possible, and plant trees! After all, trees contribute oxygen to the air!

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    To prevent the global warming the only way to do that is to buy nonpolluting goods or to invest in the research companies or industries which are working at different levels to promote and uncover clean technologies and are guided by the same policies when they are selecting their suppliers.

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    yeah except of asking your parents for a ride

    ride with the neighbor or a friend

    or just walk to school

    you'll help solve some of global warming's problems

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    Try to hinder it - is that now not noticeable? Other animals and crops on this global is probably not equipped to conform as successfully as individuals, and this may intent exticntion of many species, that allows you to reduce to rubble many ecosystems, and intent tremendous disorders for us, for illustration, meals shortages and loss of oxygen.

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    Politicans and big oil are screwing the world.What are they going to do with thier money when there is no world?

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