what is the difference between Amazing spider-man 529 1st print and second print?

I am asking about the Amazing Spider-Man 529 Vol 2 which is the first one with his new costume. I've been looking through ebay and noticed the 2nd print and 1st print looks the same. i bought one from a comic book store and was told it was the 1st print and paid 20 bucks for it.. Now I feel like I'm being played because im not sure how if mine is the 1st printing.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Read the indexes at the bottom of usually the 1st page....The small print that tells who publishes it, times per year published, and it'll say what the printing is...if it's the second printing it'll say so -but if its a 1st print it probably won't

  • 6 years ago

    Look in the number box in the upper left. You will find the words "2nd printing" under the word Marvel and above the issue number.

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