greenhouse effect and global warming?

what is the relationship between the greenhouse effect and global warming?

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    Greenhouse gases absorb energy from the sun (from the sun-heated ground, actually) in the form of heat and radiate it more slowly than non-greehouse gases. Now, although there is little doubt that greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, primarily) are increasing, and that the climate is becoming warmer, there is evidence that the warming began prior to significant addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by human intervention. There is also (or ought to be) doubt as to how long it will last. If you warm the atmosphere (which requires you to warm the ground first) water will evaporate more efficiently, causing more clouds, and less sunlight penetrating to the ground which should cool it. If this cooling begins to take place and is significant, then a new ice age could begin. Also, note that I said to warm the atmosphere requires warming the ground; the atmosphere is not warmed too much by direct sunlight, but by radiation and convection from warmed ground (which has higher mass). Perhaps part of the global warming is caused by construction efforts by man, causing a global heat island, much like the effect of large cities on temperature (they are warmer due to heat absorbtion and retention by all the concrete and other massive structures, including highways).

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    There are 1600 variables in the pollution of the atmospheres.

    These are the greenhouse gas emmissions, from nature.

    The pollution from global warming is the use of cheaper

    resources to add substitutes that are more cost defined then

    the usual, or more environment tested and proven as friendly.

    Global warming is the quantity that makes the world less well

    resourced with data interactives through bias, complex and

    biosphere reflective fresh oxygens. Really the boss God,

    knew how to make planets, so the job for us is to monitor.

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    greenhouse effect keeps the warm air in the atmosphere circulating it throughout the world, thats the basics of it

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    The destruction of any kind of forests will result on Global warming because the tree reduce the amount of carbon dioxide which is the main atmoshperic gase which leads to global warming.

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