do you think we will have to stop celebrating Canada Day next?

A judge in Toronto had a christmas tree removed from public veiwing in the court house. She thought some people may find it offensive.

This is a country for free speach and now they want us to stop saying Merry christmas because many find that offensive If we cant say or celebrate the holdays the way we want and know how what are we instilling into our children.


Because some Might say it is offensive to them if we celebrate our countries day

Or even the 4th of July, or the Queens Birthday or any of the thers we celebrate

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    A few corrections.

    1) One idiot removing one Xmas tree from one place does not prevent anyone from celebrating Christmas. It was a moronic decision to be sure, but let's keep it in perspective.

    2) Unlike the US, where Xmas trees are legally classified as "festive" rather than "religious" symbols, there's nothing to stop this judge from having the tree removed from the building where she is an admiinstrator--She's not making a decision that affects anyone else.

    3)Just who are "they" who want to stop us from saying Merry Xmas, anyway?

    4)DOMINION Day (none of this "Canada Day" p.c. crap) is a civic holiday, with no religious significance, and cannot be compared to a religious holiday like Xmas--the same goes for the other days you mention. It's comparing apples and oranges.

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    . I say this, and I think I speak for all the right thinking people out there: It in Your right to choose Your beliefs, and to honor those customs which best represent Your personal outlook towards life and society. Just because some petty bureaucrat takes it upon Herself to demean You belief system in some misguided exercise in political correctness this does not mean that You should sell Yourself short. I am an atheist and I don't find the concept of others celebrating Their religious observances offensive. On the contrary, I say celebrate it in public and make the politicians know how You (and those of a like mind truly feel). Do it now before in becomes an under ground movement!

    Have Yourself a Merry Christmas (whilst You still can)!

  • 1 decade ago

    It is getting worse; isn't it?

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