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what can u put to control where ur dogs pee and poop?beides the smell products i use bleach to clean the yard?

but yet the still piss on the same spot. They are all fixed, so not sure what the problem is...

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    Try vinegar or gate off the area you don't want them to go on. Vinegar neutralizes the odor.

    Dogs naturally prefer to go to the same area to do their business.

    Most owners would love not to do the hunt-for-the-pooh game. :)

    Also, try putting the dogs on a leash when you take them out and stand close to the new area you want them to go in. Eventually between the vinegar removing their scent from the other place in the yard and making them go in a new area they will "re-learn" and have a new favorite spot.

    Good luck!

  • You use bleach to clean your yard? Doesn't that kinda kill your grass?

    As for cleaning up a dog mess, you need to use an enzymatic cleaner such as Nature's Miracle. This will completely eliminate the smell so your dog won't be attracted back to the spot again. Most cleaners only mask the odor.

    That's all I can really offer you without some more detailed information.

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    Is itpee outside. Nature well break that down, you also use lime to help. Bleach will do no good and will kill your plants. Where is your dog going to pee if not outside. You have pets they need to pee and poop. If you don't want it in your yard don't have pets.

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    You can get a fenced in area just for that purpose...but that'd be kinda difficult though..if it's inside they have special training pads that you can use that stick to the floor. (Great for puppy's)

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  • 1 decade ago

    omg... its outside.... dogs are supposed to use the outdoors to go to the bathroom! its not like carpet or anything....

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    train them

  • 1 decade ago

    or you could just strap a diaper to his @ss

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