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Are there any Spanish verbs that don't end in "r"?

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    "Atreverse, zambullirse, extasiarse" are conjugations of the Spanish verbs "atrever, zambullir, extasiar". The Spanish language is very complex.I´m Spanish-speaker and you´re right there are not any spanish verb that doesn´t end in "r".

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    Technically yes, but not really. lol.

    In Spanish there's something called "reflexive verbs". They're regular old verbs that you put a "se" on the end of in their infinitive forms. You use these verbs with things that you do to yourself. Example, "I dress myself" instead of "I get dressed." For example.

    bañar = to bathe

    bañ**** = to bathe one's self

    The actual verb is "bañar", but you put the "se" on the end, when you're taking about doing it to yourself (or someone who's doing it to themselves). The "se" doesn't STAY on the end, though. The verb gets conjugated as usual, but the "se" gets put in front of the verb and changes to an indirect object. But ... we won't get into the grammar, lol.

    So technically the reflective verbs end in "e", but there will always be an "r" right before the "se". Bañ****, vestirse, moverse, cepillarse, divertirse ... etc.

    You'll probably learn this in Spanish 2. So don't sweat it right now, lol. :)

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    No, all Spanish verbs end in -ar, -er, or -ir, some verbs have "se" at the end (they're called reflexive verbs) but they are not considered their own group (of verbs) they still fall under one of the other three verb groups. The same applies for Italian, the three verb groups are: -are, -ere, -ire.


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    Atreverse Conjugation

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    Good question, nope you will not find a spanish verb that does not end in r no matter if its -ar. -er, -ir

    Unless its conjugated or an unconjugated reflexive.




    Me baño .

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    Some verbs referring to one self add the suffix -se, such as :




    Dont recall any others for the moment.

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    That is so, ALL of them end in "r".

    Another thing is after conjugation.

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